Strips zum Drinktesten

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Rapid Drink Alcohol Test is intended for use as a rapid method to detect the presence of alcohol in water, Soda (CoCo Cola, Sprite, etc) and lemonade drinks with concentrations greater than 0.05%.

The rapid test is intended for the screening detection of ethyl alcohol in drinks. To confirm the concentration of positive specimens, an alternate, non-enzymatic technology such as headspace gas chromatography should be used.


1. Strip can be dipped into drinks directly without comtamination.

2. Remove the strip immediately after the sample pad was wetting with drinks.


Open the foil package and remove the test strip.

Dipping the strip into the drinks collected in a cup or bottle

After wetting the reaction pad by drink specimen, immediately remove it

At 2 minutes, compare the reactive pad with the provided color chart: Light green/blue (0.05), dark blue (>0.08%) and brown color(>0.15%).

Results after more than 5 minutes may be not accurate

EtOH 0         0.05%


Negative: Almost no color change by comparing with the background. The negative result indicates that the alcohol concentration is less than 0.05%.

Positive: A distinct color developed all over the pad. The positive result indicates that the alcohol concentration is 0.05% or higher.

Invalid: The test should be considered invalid If only the edge of the reactive pad turned color that might be ascribed to insufficient sampling. The drink should be re-tested.


1. For in vitro use only.

2. Do not use the product beyond expiration date.

3. The product is sensitive to the presence of alcohol and moisture.    After open the package, the test device should be used immediately.